Outcome Driven

William is outcome driven. It is not good enough to just complete the work, however well the sessions go, for him it is absolutely about the outcome that his support delivers. This is fundamental to the service and his approach.

A Bespoke Approach

Each assignment is treated individually. He takes time to really get to know you and your business (needs, motivations, desires, skills and thought processes), before moving forward. Really getting to know you and the team enables effective communication, which delivers more accurate support, making real and lasting change.

"One Vision Strategy"

Initial attention centres on a process to create a “One Vision” growth strategy to deliver real, significant long term profitable growth. One vision, because it aims to create a united and cohesive strategy by engaging inclusively with senior organisational members. This significantly increases the quality of the output and acceptance from the organisation. A clear and well considered plan is established delivering a 3 and 5 year strategy and action plan.


He supports the action plan by effecting leadership and operational knowledge and skills, filling in the gaps of knowledge and skills within the organisation. Throughout the journey, he keeps management on track, focused, and energised to deliver tangible results. Essentially, he does what is necessary to enable the organisation to achieve the end goal. This is not a “coach and stand back” approach but a pragmatic determination to support the management team to achieve significant and long term profitable growth.


You will get the benefit of his experience and knowledge closely targeted towards the current challenges of the business. In this way, he enables and empowers you and your organisation to progress through those barriers of growth that you may face, at different stages of the businesses growth.

Project Work

Sometimes specific barriers to growth require a more specialised approach. When it comes to such specific projects, whilst each one is treated in isolation the flow of activity often follows this format:

  • Evaluation: Gaining a full appreciation of the issues, and requirements, enabling advice on the most appropriate approach.
  • Diagnosis: Gaining a detailed understanding of the business, its competitors and customers, using research, audit and trading information.
  • Analysis: Interpretation of the data and information to fully understand the dynamics of the business and identify areas for improvement.
  • Solutions: The development of practical solutions and recommendations to enable your business to meet target objectives.
  • Implementation: Working with the client to ensure the effective implementation of the recommendations, monitoring progress and addressing implementation issues.
Project Work