All the quotes listed below are taken from existing client feedback (names protected for reasons of confidentiality). If you would like to have a conversation with a current client or two, and gain a fuller understanding of the outcomes and driving processes, this can be arranged.  

“He helped us to create a tangible, exciting vision for the future; a growth plan covering every aspect of the business, and then has helped us through every step on our journey to the destination. His extensive experience in business management and strategy, combined with his hands-on, practical approach to resolving everyday issues and problems has enabled us to increase our profitability substantially and to improve our culture.” (Testimonial one)

“To create a business plan is one thing. To have a professional, competent consultant on hand to guide and coach you through every step of that plan; to help you overcome the challenges along the way, and to hold you accountable to that plan, is quite another thing altogether. William has transformed our business and I would fully recommend him.” (Testimonial two)

“William has an outstanding ability to directly focus on the specific areas that need attention and that lead to sales and profit growth.” (Testimonial three)

“Unlike other business coaches we’ve worked with, William’s emotional intelligence truly sets him apart. His ability to understand diverse personality traits within a leadership team, alongside different perspectives and paradigms means that he is able to effectively coordinate focus and change.” (Testimonial four)

“Additionally being a practitioner at the University of Exeter means he is right up to date with new innovate business principals and ideas, whilst also maintaining a hands-on approach in the real world of business in organisations like ours.” (Testimonial five)

“He really engages with the organisation and offers positive leadership to the process which has made a tangible difference.” (Testimonial six)

“Demonstrating his significant experience as a business coach, William has delivered results that have surpassed our expectations.” (Testimonial seven)

“William’s pragmatic approach is refreshing, honest, and direct. Overall a great experience that has led to us investing a substantial amount in future growth.” (Testimonial eight)

“William asked us searching questions that went straight to the heart of our business.” (Testimonial nine)

“Be prepared to dig deep and reflect on your experiences. William has a knack of revealing qualities and positive energy that are essential to any business with the potential to succeed.” (Testimonial ten)